Why Applied Technologies?

  • Technology is re-modelling every moment of human life. The fabric of social and economic life is being re-cast, re-made…in real time.
  • Earlier access to ideas that shape, define and create markets is more valuable than ever.
  • Game changing technology and many of the great companies of the future have originated from the labs of universities – just look to the internet, Cisco, Google, even “Nike”.
  • Australia’s universities are well recognised globally as having world-class scientists, researchers, students and alumni.
  • However, too many ground breaking technologies lay dormant or fail at the first hurdle – commercialisation.
  • If managed actively we have seen a co-creation model applied internationally to harness the potency of these innovations, effectively commercialise them to reduced technology risk, and provide an accelerated path to market and ultimately future funding and growth.

SCV Executive Team

Fiona Hindmarsh


Fiona has a 25+ year professional background in investment banking and UHNW wealth management. She manages a number of private client advisory relationships providing specialist advice on intergenerational succession and investment through her private practice. She is actively involved in the capital raising activities of her family’s property business Hindmarsh, and has oversight of the family’s private investments, including the venture capital portfolio that has grown over the past decade. Fiona was appointed SCV CEO in April 2019 with a mandate to grow the size and reach of the fund and deepen the university relationships and pipeline.
Fiona is on the advisory boards of Drummond Capital Partners, Bates Smart, Melbourne Grammar School Foundation and Australian Institute of Art Historians.

Michele Troni

Chief Investment Officer

Michele has over 15 years investment management experience in the acquisition and start-up spaces overseas and has been an active angel and venture capital investor in Canberra and regional NSW for over a decade. He is the former chair of Capital Angels, Canberra’s angel investment network, and holds several director and company secretary positions. Michele is an angel investor and often co-invests alongside private investors. Michele leads the investment team and due diligence for SCV and is also the CIO of Australian Capital Ventures.

Steve Hardy

Executive Director

Stephen has 40 years of experience in development, project management and investment within the property and construction industry. This experience covers a broad range of complex and major projects and investments in Australia, the USA and South East Asia. Steve has been involved in early stage venture capital investment and management since early 2000 and is the CEO of Australian Capital Ventures, a consortium of investors focused on early stage companies in the ACT region. Steve is an active angel and VC investor and sits on a number of investee company boards.

SCV Investment Team

George Tomeski

Over 20 years of experience starting, growing and exiting businesses. Founder and Managing Partner of Venture Store, building and investing in early stage businesses and start ups with co-create model.

Jan Bingley

Experienced VC professional with university and research-led commercilisation. Co-Founder of the Universal Carbon Exchange and led CSIRO’s spin outs including WindLabs. Member of the Commonwealth Government Entrepreneurs’ Program Committee and TankStream Ventures Investment Committee member.

Tony Tsoi

15 years investment banking in Canada and Hong Kong and 10 years as CEO of Hong Kong-listed Varitronix International. An active angel investor and director of Capital Angels with extensive media management experience.

Amanda Derham

Experienced Director, angel investor, CEO and Project Manager. Deep knowledge of stakeholder management, government relations, digital media, marketing, investment, project and commercial management.

Ken Kroeger

25+ years’ experience leading and growing international technology and training sector companies. Experience in technological innovation, business transformation, strategic global distribution and licensing.

Ivan Mellado

Technology commercialisation and venture development professional with 25+ years’ experience in business development, marketing, sales, distribution and corporate advisory. Early stage commercialisation, financing and M&A transactions completed for universities, CSIRO, and public and private companies including Seeing Machines Ltd, Chrysos Corporation Ltd, Nimblic Pty Ltd, Metacdn Pty Ltd, Spire Innovations Pty Ltd, Fresche Bioscience, Bionic Vision Australia.


We are Investors
Venture makers
We create companies
We build businesses

Significant Capital Ventures (SCV) provides the earliest possible access to the innovations that will shape the future.

We invest in market-making applied technology from the research and innovations emanating from these labs and the university and regional eco-systems.

We partner with universities and incubators to invest early, from the source, where it matters and when it matters. We bring collaborative co-investors with us to build resources and depth, as well as funding, around the ventures we support.

Our investment objective is to source and invest seed and venture capital into early stage companies where the primary differentiator is commercialisation of applied technology and global scale up.

SCV has established direct partnerships with a network of Australia’s leading applied technology universities as a way of sourcing these opportunities and levering the R&D investment spend by universities in this sector.

Significant Capital Ventures (SCV) was established as a joint venture between the Australian National University (ANU) and the privately owned family office of the Hindmarsh family, a diversified property group. We have capital investment and strategic relationships with partners including ANU, UTS, Deakin, University of Wollongong.

The initial fund is an Early Stage Venture Capital Limited Partnership (ESVCLP) providing investors with access to attractive tax incentives on investments in this vibrant sector and business model.

Our Philosophy

The fund leverages the deal flow from its network of applied technology Universities and Angel networks in metro and regional Australia.

Our focus is applied technologies with a fast path to market.

We invest in disruptive technologies with vast global potential.

We invest in seed and growth equity opportunities.

Unique Business Model

We Invest

We will invest at the seed stage and early if the idea is big enough. We actively mentor the founder and build the resources and support around the venture to accelerate ventures toward profitability, global scale and future funding rounds.

We Co-Create

We work with the innovator to identify and create the business opportunity. These ventures deliver leveraged outcomes for investors – the higher time investment is rewarded with large equity positions and access to large scale market opportunities. These assets have: defined pathways to scale; provide flexibility/control; multiply returns across an entire portfolio; provide sooner access to returns.

Investment Model

  • We will typically invest in your early stage of development – we expect to be your first external capital, possibly with, or after, an Angel round.
  • We want you to have a minimum viable product and a small, but growing, customer list (Product / Customers / Revenue).
  • We will lead the seed round aiming to commit 50% of the capital required; we will match this with aligned co-investors.
  • This approach extends your runway and reduces the investment risk for us.
  • We tend to stagger our capital commitments over time, as you demonstrate traction.
  • We are ‘high-touch’ in the early years of your journey and will take up board representation.
  • We invest in ventures from our partners, & graduates from accelerator or incubator programs, as well as in independent startups.
  • We use our resource sharing agreements with our partners to secure deep domain expertise across many sectors. This is cost effective and delivers scale.
  • We will go long and deep in our top performing companies aiming to hold our stake through to exit.


A number of universities have become Capital Partners and are providing resources including sector and technology specialisation as part of the investment assessment of emerging opportunities. We work closely with the commercialisation teams of these universities to review their portfolios and identify the future opportunities and shape them to be investment ready with line of sight on funding, critical resourcing and business advice.

We are in direct discussion with a number of affiliated universities with a few to expanding the committed universities to 8-10 with geographic coverage of Australia.

Australian National University
The Australian National University is a world-class research institution located in Canberra, Australia. The University connects innovative ideas, researchers and infrastructure to business, government and society to deliver value to the global community.
It was founded by the Australian Government in 1946 to provide the nation with a university that would stand among the best in the world. The University has a research-intensive culture and is a centre of unparalleled intellectual talent and research excellence. It is consistently ranked among the best universities in the world.
The University of Technology Sydney (UTS) is rated the top young university in Australia. Our billion-dollar campus redevelopment gives our partners access to world-class resources and cutting-edge research. With 94% of our research rated as world standard or above, our students, technologies and innovations have the best chance to make an impact.
UTS is also investing heavily in entrepreneurship, with more than 40 per cent of our students wanting to create their own jobs or start their own companies and a thriving academic community working on high impact research with clear commercial potential. UTS is opening up industry pathways for ventures coming out of the university to maximise their potential for success – and to ensure a thriving and growing future Australian startup sector.
Deakin University
Deakin University is on a strong trajectory with improving research excellence and a growing international footprint. Research at Deakin aims to make a difference – an entrepreneurial approach to applying research ideas that will improve our world and communities.
Our research is producing smarter technologies for business and industry, improving the health and wellbeing of local and international communities, supporting sustainable development and advancing education, citizenship and cultural understanding. Over 90 per cent of our research is rated at or above world standard (ERA 2015) and our campuses are home to cutting edge facilities and equipment that will take Australian industry and business beyond the 21st century.
University of Canberra
The University of Canberra is ranked in the top 2% of universities worldwide and within the top 100 young universities globally.  Our researcher influence and impact is the highest of any university in Australia and indicative of the quality, breadth and depth of our research and education.  We are committed to being a university for the professions and as such, our research is applied and focused on solving cutting edge real world challenges.  The University is part of the Canberra Innovation Network connecting our staff and students into a rich ecosystem of local, national and international expertise and investment
iAccelerate is a unique business accelerator and incubator program at the University of Wollongong (UOW), where startups, scaleups, social enterprises and intrapreneurs thrive supported by robust education, mentoring, seed funding and unparalleled access to one of the world’s most innovative young research universities.

A Practical Guide to University Venturing

This guide helps you understand the practicalities of establishing a University Venture Fund. The guide talks about the People, Programs, Property and Proximity needed to create an active and quality pipeline of investible ideas from your institution and City. This guide helps you to take the ideas from the lab to the market and identifies all of the pathways needed to improve their chance of global success. The guide is free, just enter your details below and we will email you the download link.


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