Growing companies takes connections, collaboration, effort and conviction – as well as capital.

A fund committed to investing in and supporting early stage ventures.

Bringing together a team of business builders, investors and venture scalers who understand our effort is as valuable as our capital.

A small but active fund that works alongside some of the country’s largest education institutions, sources of innovation and peer funds to co-operate, co-invest and help attract the human, financial and intellectual capital needed by early-stage companies.

What we look for

Significant origins

We seek out the teams and technologies that have their origins in the Knowledge-led economy. By collaborating with Australia’s top universities, we look for brilliant minds that use Deep and Applied technologies and innovations to build the businesses of the future.

Significant journey

Our goal is to find the teams and technologies that can go from Concept to Global. It’s a challenging and demanding journey that needs grit, determination, and resilience. We support founders who have the skills and emotional intelligence to succeed in that journey and who are likely to become the repeat founders of the future.

Significant impact

We look for the teams and technologies that have the potential to Shape the Future of our world through the power of applied technology, creating knowledge-human-financial-social capital. We will delve into anything from autonomy to productivity, from education to leisure. These businesses will lead the economy of the future, create the jobs and wealth of the next generation, and entrench the values that become our social norms. We look for founders that have a deep commitment to ethical practices, developing exceptional inter-disciplinary and diverse teams, and embedding sustainable business models for growth.

Our Approach

We remain sector agnostic and look for technologies that demonstrate market advantage that’s hard to replicate.

We look for founding teams that are deeply committed, seek collaboration and knowledge, and have high conviction in the impact they want to achieve.

We always take a guiding hand by directly mentoring, finding industry experts, bringing together exceptional advisory and governance boards, and sourcing the next critical funding.

We are the enablers, not the experts. Technology evolves at lightning pace and our founders remain the experts in their field.

We focus on building the foundations of strong market-fit, early industry engagement and commercially investible business models.

We know our primary job is to invest when others wont and help founders build a business that can access the capital and talent it needs.