The Earliest Ventures

The Enablers

Our 4-way eco-system enables us early access to innovations well before other venture funds and opens the door to industry and investment partners


Specialist venture partners as investors

The Significant team provide the time and know-how required to source technology innovations at the earliest point, cultivate them towards being investable scaleable businesses and then invest in the pathway to market. Drawn from industry and technology commercialisation backgrounds, the team have over 150 years experience of collective experience in bridging the early venture start-up gap, notably within the university sector.

They bring the critical business and executive skills needed and take an active leadership role during the formative stages. This role will often mean accessing industry and investor networks to find early adopter markets and talent. The active investment management approach dramatically increases the likelihood of start-up success and the accelerates the rate of growth.

Expert panel bringing depth

As a sector agnostic fund, we lever deep industry networks to evaluate the diverse array of opportunities we uncover. We have growing cohort of expert advisors who have founded, grown and existed major applied technology businesses and are committed to bringing their expertise to uncover and support the next generation of founders. Our expert panel bring a diverse backgrounds in systems engineering, manufacturing, advanced materials, AI and machine learning, clean energy and recycling, construction, and optical engineering. We equally draw on the broader capabilities of our growing investor network who and actively deploy the skills needed to mentor and govern the invested companies.

Partner Universities

Early Venture Access

Our regional university investors and the ANU provide us with privileged access to very earliest ideas and innovations. We work with our university investors, their commercialisation teams, researchers and founders to uncover the science and technologies that shapes the future of Australian industry and positively contributes to global challenges.

We deep dive into the centres of excellence of each university to intercept innovation. With the support of the university and the researchers, we are actively involved in identifying optimal commercial pathways and provide with line of sight on the critical early stage funding to support the university spin-out.

Innovation Networks

Nurturing the know how

We operate as an active collaborator and contributor to the university and regional innovation eco-system we are an integral part of.

We source outstanding founders and compelling start-ups that we wish to invest in, whilst at other times we advise or mentor founders, or introduce them to the right investor, capital source or advisor to assure our innovation partners are supported in their efforts and visions.