Investing with Significant

The Matrix

Early privileged access to market-making ideas, applied science technologies, people and companies that are destined to shape the world is the value matrix that underpins Significant’s financial and non-financial ROI to its investors.

Through investment focus, we are strongly aligned to Australia’s national investment agenda’s, working with and in  support of state governments topical and industry specific ministry objectives.

Through our portfolio investments, we directly influence tangible impact outcomes aligned to the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Our Significant-Fund-August-2021 marketing fund flyer.

Financial Returns


We have been commercialising and building start-ups for two decades, investing capital early to prove it up and get to market, making a leap of faith to invest well before others. With this nous we are able to deliver the following financial benefits to our investors:

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    Potential for extraordinary returns.
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    Fast & high growth with limited competition.
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    Leverage non-dilutive funding.
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    Access investment in the future market leading companies at pre-screened low valuation entry points.
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    Secure attractive follow-on rights.
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    As a compliant ESVCLP, Significant enables its investors to access ESVCLP tax incentives and concessions, including tax-free income and capital gains from eligible investments.

The Impact

Supporting Australians

We invest into research to solve Australia’s need to create valuable new industries, generate jobs for current and future generations, and rejuvenate the economies of regional centres.

Australia is globally recognised for the exceptional caliber of its research capabilities. This highly valuable asset of the nation is one that we must be able to mine and manufacture for the benefit of future generations.

We are very conscious of this imperative and actively seek inventions that will align to the various strategic platforms that the government has established, notably the six pillars of industry in the Modern Manufacturing framework.

From a national perspective the six pillars create clusters of excellence that support the growth of niche industries and notably enables our investee companies to access substantial grant programs having a significant non-dilutive impact for our investors.

Global Impact

By shaping our ventures early in their life towards impact, we firmly believe that we are enhancing the future profitability of the companies as well as creating businesses that are fit to be future global leaders.

We shape by actively evaluating each opportunity on its merits against the UN Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDG) and ensure they make a meaningful contribution to at least two of the seventeen SDG’s. As a further screen the founders must be committed to causing no harm and identifying ways in which they can measure their impact against the SDG’s and their stakeholder benefit.

Liquid Instruments Case Study

From The Founder

Professor Daniel Shaddock

“I didn’t want to do this as a small business because I already had a day job that I quite liked as Professor at the Australian National University (ANU) School of Quantum Science. It was through the support of Michele Troni from the Hindmarsh venture capital team and Nick McNaughton from ANU Connect Ventures that I was able to crystalise my thoughts that this could be an exceptional commercial opportunity.

I didn’t have those skills or the insight to know what had to happen and how to make that occur. We decided we’d be a venture-funded start-up which allowed us to get started very quickly, allowed us to grow very quickly and ultimately has allowed us to scale to a very large size.

With the support of the Hindmarsh venture capital team, managing fund supported by the ACT Government, and ANU Connect Ventures, I was able to work through the spinout from the ANU, develop the plan, put in place the initial team and get the first prototype developed. The ANU was then able to introduce us to an alumni who had manufacturing connections in Malaysia and who not only invested alongside our initial venture partners but helped us with the final product design and manufacturing.

Those first few years were challenging and we were on the phone every few days, working through the problems, the opportunities and the cash management. That first team that backed us – Hindmarsh, ANU Connect Ventures and VSi – were instrumental. It’s really a rising tide lifts all boats, the more we can collaborate and share ideas and help each other out, the better”.

Professor Daniel Shaddock

From The Venture Investor

Mr Michele Troni

We discovered Liquid Instruments through our involvement with the Australian National University (ANU) and our frequent co-investment with ANU Connect Ventures under leadership of Professor Mick Cardew-Hall.

After working together for over six months, ANU Connect Venture and Hindmarsh venture capital’s fund (Canberra Business Development Fund – an equal-share fund with the ACT Government) co-invested $1.3m to fund the seed round for Liquid Instruments.

We then helped the company moving through its start-up stage, setting up as a full commercial operation, sourcing the first prototype and accelerating through the product development phase.

Following the release of a commercial product, which received strong market validation, we were able to attract a US early-stage venture capital investor, ANZU Partners, who lead a strong Series A round which saw the company become a US corporation.

We have continued to support the company’s growth path and have been delighted that with the launch of Significant, we were able to take up Series A extension in February 2020.

Liquid Instruments, the team, the product and the business, is an exceptional applied tech company with a significant growth potential. It illustrates the value that can be created by backing deep tech early and working closely alongside to grow the business to maturity”.

Mr Michele Troni

The Case Study

The Early Venture Journey

Liquid Instruments is a tech start-up that makes a sophisticated multi-function test and measurement hardware and software solution effectively replacing the multitude of devices scientists and engineers use when they're building, debugging and developing electronics. It targets a global market worth in excess of US$10b annually.

It was founded by Professor Daniel Shaddock with his research team of 11 Australian National University graduate students and post-doctoral researchers. It has grown from the laboratory to global sales across 30+ countries with more than 40 employees within Liquid Instruments Headquarters in Australia and the US in less than 6 years. Some noteworthy milestones:

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